About Me

I am on a journey…a journey towards better health and longer, thicker, healthier hair.  Natural hair that is!!!

Love Thy Hair:  I ended my relationship with the dreaded relaxer in October of 2008.  As a wife, mother of three (one of which was a newborn), and a business owner, I could no longer afford to spend hours upon hours at the hair salon.  So began the abuse…consistent use of the flatiron and wearing my fav style, the ponytail.  Late 2009, I had the length cut from the sides and back (by a professional stylist) to remove the relaxed parts but she left the front to frame my face.  I finally had the remaining relaxer cut from the front in early 2011.  So technically, I’ve been completely natural for a few months now and I’m on a journey to nurture not only my tresses but my three little princesses as well.

Not Thy Weight:  As far as my weight goes, bottom-line is I just don’t like what I see in the mirror.   And frankly, that’s all that matters.  I must admit I’ve always had image issues of one sort or another…this is truly going to surprise those who know me.  I can remember being 120 lbs and thinking I was too big. Self image and weight loss, for most, go hand in hand.  That image can become further complicated when you introduce a condition known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  My personal battle with PCOS started years before I was actually diagnosed, I’m sure of it.  Nevertheless, one of the many symptoms of PCOS is weight gain and boy did I gain it.  And at the same time, I gave up, losing all hope.  My attitude was why work out when the results are going to remain the same, especially when dealing with doctors who either weren’t familiar with the condition or just summed it up to hormones.

So, fast forward to now, and I’m ready for a change.  I’ve got a new doctor that specializes in PCOS and I’ve started working out four days a week and it feels great.  My goal is a healthier me.

Follow me on my journey or better yet let’s do this together,



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